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Discover the award-winning customer service at MINI of Plano, a Sewell dealership, by test driving any of our models models in the DFW & and Dallas area . If you would like to schedule a test drive or have any trouble finding a used vehicle, please contact MINI of Plano and we will do everything possible to find the perfect vehicle for you.

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While we try hard to keep all the information accurate, some of the optional equipment this particular vehicle has may or may not be listed. For the most accurate information contact your MINI dealer.

*MPG estimates on this website are EPA estimates; your actual mileage may vary. For used vehicles, MPG estimates are EPA estimates for the vehicle when it was new. The EPA periodically modifies its MPG calculation methodology; all MPG estimates are based on the methodology in effect when the vehicles were new (please see the “Fuel Economy” portion of the EPA’s website for details, including a MPG recalculation tool).

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